Finding a person who will be with you on this one of the most important days to tell your story and share experience with you is not easy.

But you’re probably in the right place!

Hi, I’m Daniel, and you probably can find me taking pictures somewhere in Norway. I am usually located nearby Oslo, but if necessary, it will appear where it is needed. 

Let's start from the price

Since most of the messages I receive start with a question about the price, here they come in 3 variants.


Ceremony + photos on location
kr 9000
  • 1 hour of consultation before the wedding
  • 3 hours of shooting
  • minimum 30 edited photos in digital form

We want more

6 hours
kr 15000
  • 1 hour of consultation before the wedding
  • 6 hours of shooting
  • more than 200 pictures

This is our day!

12 hours
kr 25000
  • 2 hour of consultation before the wedding
  • 12 hours of shooting
  • more than 400 pictures
  • the cost of the trip up to 100 km

Of course, none of us like to pay taxes, but it’s a must, so all the prices above include moms and all the taxes I need to pay to stay alive.
And when it comes to photos, all of them are carefully selected and edited, which makes them one of a kind.

And there is more you can get, like:

Thank you cards




We work with one of the largest photo suppliers in Norway and guarantee to provide you with high quality products. We offer many good products from high quality luster, laminated prints and canvases to beautiful photo albums and frames. We deliver your products within 14 days (30 days for albums) after you have placed your order. We also offer the opportunity to buy memory pens with image files.

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Engagement photoshoot

kr 3000
  • 1- 1,5h photoshoot
  • Photo gallery to choose from
  • 20 selected and edited photos

And if the prices didn’t scare you and you got to this place, remember, each wedding is different just like every couple. Therefore, I invite you for a little chat with me, where we will talk about how you see your dream day.
Such a conversation costs you nothing and does not oblige you to anything. We can conduct it over the Internet or drink a good coffee.